The Return Love Organization, La Cañada Charity, and VHH Volunteering Club is entering in a partnership to donate face masks and shields to Verdugo Hills Hospitals. We plan to transport over a hundred face masks and donate it all to a staff member at the hospital. The transaction will take place on Tuesday, May 12th. Once this project is over, I trust the three organizations will continue to produce and donate masks together. This partnership will be called “Project Virtus.” We picked this name because virtus translates to “virtue” in Latin. It is a project designated to aid medical staff, essential workers, and members of society in times of crisis. The heroes in this fight against the pandemic are the brave male and female healthcare workers tending to the needs of the many. We must remind them that they are not alone in this grueling battle. As a community, I know we can come together to mitigate this virus and overcome the aftermath.

– Ethan Kim